We Love Realtors

At Casalina Title & Escrow we understand how important is for you to use a company in which will go the extra mile on your files. We at Casalina Title & Escrow are always trying to find the way in making your life easier and working with you in in getting your deal closed. We offer our services in three languages Spanish, English and Portuguese and we want to assist you in your transactions, freeing you from paper work and allowing you to do what you do best “selling”.

We can close your transaction in any of our conference rooms throughout Florida, in a client’s home, in coffee shop or overseas.

We have in house Attorneys and Real Estate Experts, which can assist you in your files.

We specialize in the foreign markets and we assist our clients in obtaining consultations with our CPA’s and in house attorneys in how to protect their investments in the U.S., how to open British Virgin Island Corporations (BVI’s), Domestic Corporations, Land Trusts.

Just ask the broker below what kind of Service they get from us.